Escort car / Pilot car

Expresstransport A/S, formerly known as Følgebilservice A/S,
started to escort special transports over 20 years ago. So you as a customer can be
rest assured that we are doing our job the best way.
In addition to the mandatory equipment, our vehicles also have VHF-radios and can lend you hand held radios while being escorted.

When needed, we collaborate with other experienced colleagues, so we can help you everywhere in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Our pilot car drivers works in conjunction with the driver of your oversize truckload to make sure your truck reaches its destination safely. The pilot driver travels in front of or in back of the truck, warning the public if there are traffic changes or obstacles due to the truckload. They also warn the truck if there is anything up ahead that can interfere with its safe passage. Furthermore, the person who is driving the car will be able to communicate via com. radio with the truck driver. This allows the pilot car driver to tell the trucker if there are accidents, traffic backups, or any other situations requiring attention.  The escort car driver ensures that everything from changing lanes to crossing bridges is safe for your truck driver, his load and everyone else on the road.